At Saxon Uniform Network, Inc., we stock an extensive line of ready made Housekeeping dresses and housekeeping uniforms designed to look good and feel good.

Current housekeeping uniform and dress styles are shown below. Beside each dress or uniform are two prices. On the left are for regular sizes (up to 18) / on the right are extra large sizes 20 and above.

We are especially pleased with our NEW line of E-Housekeeping Garments. They are specially designed to make fitting simple with a patented size scale that allows each garment to fit three different sizes!



  E-Housekeeping Dresses

Jr. Chord Houskeeping Dress Available in Navy, Teal, Grey. Shown with Tea Apron.   Size Scale (W) AA-E
$34.00 / $38.00    


Washable Polyester Double Back Housekeeping Dress in Black with Grey Trim. Size Scale (W) AA-E.
$34.00 / $38.00  
Above,Tea Apron $6.75    
One size fits all    
65/35 Poly/Cotton for Easy Washing    



E-Tunic Tops in Polyester and Jr. Chord with Slacks


Above Left, Black Polyester Spun Tunic Top, with Grey Trim

  Above Right, Jr. Chord Tunic Top, in Grey, Teal, and Navy
$28.00/$32.00   $28.50 / $34.00
Size Scale (W) AA-E  

Double Breasted Jr. Chord Tunic Top

Above Double Breasted Jr. Chord Tunic Top. Available in Grey. Size Scale (W) AA-E
$28.50 /34.00  


Above Left, Matching Solid Pull Up Pants for Ladies.   Above Right, Matching Jr. Chord Pull Up Pants for Ladies
Available in Teal, Black, Navy and White  

Available in Grey and Navy.

$16.00/18.50   $16.25/19.25
Size Scale (X) O-Y   Size Scale (X) O-Y


E-Tunic Tops in Polyester and Jr. Chord for Men

Above, Men's Spun Polyester Tunic Top. Available in Black.    
Size Scale (Y)XS-XXXL    
Available in Grey and Navy.    
Above, Men's Jr. Chord Tunic Top.    
Sizes XS-XXXL    






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